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Direct Discharge

Direct Discharge

Our dedicated port warehouses are strategically located to facilitate the swift unloading of cocoa bean shipments directly from vessels to storage. This specialized process ensures a streamlined and secure transition, minimizing handling of your cargo. 

Container Handling/Unloading 

 At Lyons & Sons, we specialize in handling, and unloading containers. Our expert team ensures a careful and efficient process that maintains the integrity of your cargo from container to storage. 

Container Handling
Commercial an ICE

Commercial and ICE/CMAA Certified Storage for Cocoa Beans

 Lyons & Sons can be trusted for commercial and ICE/CMAA certified storage of cocoa beans. Our facilities offer secure storage solutions, meeting the food safety industry standards. With certifications from ICE and CMAA, we ensure the traceability, and quality of your cocoa beans. We are working towards acquiring our SQF certification. 


Full Service Outbound Loading and Delivery Capabilities

 Our comprehensive service ensures a seamless transition from storage to outbound loading, guaranteeing efficient and reliable delivery. 

Full Service Outbound
Canvas Jute

Processing and Melting of Semi-Finished Cocoa Liquor and Butter

 We specialize in services for tolling semi-finished cocoa liquor and butter. 

tanker truck getting filled.jpg
Processing and Melting
Liquid Loading

Liquid Loading for Delivery to Major National Brands

Experience streamlined liquid cargo logistics with Lyons & Sons premium liquid loading services. We ensure efficient and reliable delivery to major national brands through our dedicated process. 


Dedicated samplers

for cocoa beans

 Rely on Lyons & Sons' dedicated cocoa samplers. Our specialized team ensures accurate sampling of cocoa beans and products, guaranteeing consistency in every assessment. 

Dedicated Samplers
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